1. SOHN - Artifice

  2. Rhodes - Your Soul

    Official video for the new song off of the ‘Morning’ EP, out May 11th


  3. flagg0t:

    If someone tells you to listen to a song, listen to it.  It may be the worst song you have ever heard but they wanted to share it with you.  That is really special.  If it makes them feel a certain way and they are so adamant about you hearing it, take 5 minutes to hear it.  It shows a lot about someone.  

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  5. jungleindierock:

    Smoke Fairies - We’ve Seen Birds

    "We’ve Seen Birds" is taken from the new self-titled Smoke Fairies album, released 14th April 2014 on Full Time Hobby. Directed by: Jonathan Pound.

  7. ptxholics:

    Happy - Pentatonix (Pharrell Cover)

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  8. I Woke Up Near the Sea - Lydia
    So it’s another night in my brain
    ‘Cause I can’t sleep
    And oh, it wears on your shoulders
    Just please don’t ever leave me here

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  9. ukehunt:

    I’ve updated the Songs With Chords You Know list. It lists songs according to which chords they include. Starting with the three most common (C, F and G) and moving no from there.

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  10. jungleindierock:

    Keel Her - Roswell

    KEEL HER is Rose Keeler-Schäffeler and Andrew Barnes.

    Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud | Tumblr


  11. sammy-jankis:

    9 crimes // damien rice

    leave me out with the waste,
    this is not what i do,
    it’s the wrong kind of place,
    to be thinking of you

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  12. jungleindierock:

    La Luz - Live @ KEXP

    Clear Night Sky
    Morning High
    All The Time

  13. altjband:

    Studio vibezzzzzzzzzz

  15. weareamericanauthors:

    Gazzo absolutely killed this remix for #BestDayofMyLife. Get it TODAY on iTunes!