1. gagasareola:


    what has fame done to sia????

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  2. amixtapeforthesoul:

    Request: “A playlist of some new/relatively unknown songs?”

    Listen Here - Spotify: Somewhat New, Somewhat Unknown.


    Ghost // Sir Sly

    The Dreamer // The Tallest Man On Earth

    Water Fountain // Tune-Yards

    Dreams // Blood Diamonds

    Avatar // Dayshell

    Harbour Lights // A Silent Film

    Go Do // Jonsi

    Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool // Magic!

    Fuck Up California // Astro Safari Usa

    Wolf // First Aid Kit

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  4. amixtapeforthesoul:

    Request (avenkal.tumblr.com): "A mix of songs similar to "Luna" by Bombay Bicycle Club?"

    Listen Here - Spotify: Like Luna.


    Luna // Bombay Bicycle Club

    Toy Guns // Tokyo Police Club

    Dancing Song // Little Comets

    Fred Astaire // San Cisco

    Mr Polite // The Jungle Giants

    Days // The Drums

    Undercover Martyn //  Two Door Cinema Club

    Carried Away // Passion Pit

  5. amixtapeforthesoul:

    Request: "A mix for when your heart is broken and you need the other person to care but they don’t?"

    Listen Here - Spotify: I Wish You Cared.


    All I Want // Kodaline

    When Did Your Heart Go Missing? // Rooney

    If It Means A Lot To You // A Day To Remember

    Endorphins // Sub Focus, Alex Clare

    Like We Used To // A Rocket To The Moon

    Give Me Love // Ed Sheeran

    Good Love // The Maine

    The Pretender // Foo Fighters


  6. joshvongrimm:

    petition for my favourite band to play every song they ever wrote in one gig no matter how long it takes

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  7. you-created-this-monster:

    The Front Bottoms - Maps (x)

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  8. trash-pile:

    i’m rebloggin this because it looks like a cute family photo where everyone is wearing a matching sweater and they all look uncomfortable 

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  9. jungleindierock:

    alt-J - Hunger of the Pine


  10. mathpreacher:

    accidentally forgetting your earbuds at home is like accidentally leaving your first born child at the gates of hell

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  11. touchdisky:

    The Windy City


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  12. jungleindierock:

    Austra - Habitat

    From Habitat EP. Video directed by Matt Lambert


  13. I don’t wanna be your friend
    I just wanna be your lover
    No matter how it ends
    No matter how it starts

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  14. vittuilija:

    The Black Keys | Gold on the Ceiling

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  15. jungleindierock:

    Banks - Drowning

    From Banks’ debut album Goddess, to be release on September 9th via Harvest Records. Video directed by Mike Piscitelli.